Praktikum Medieninformatik

Lab Course Media Informatics

Achtung: Dies sind die Materialien zum Praktikum im Sommersemester 2018, nicht die Materialien zur aktuellen Veranstaltung.

Attention: these are materials from the lab course during the summer term 2019, not those from the current course.

Materials for the lab course media informatics, summer term 2018.

Materialien zum Praktikum Medieninformatik im Sommersemester 2018.

Other websites: [ Learnweb | LSF | Uni-Gitlab ]

Weitere Webseiten: [ Learnweb | LSF | Uni-Gitlab ]

Handouts, Slides

To be published after the course meetings.

Folien und Handouts werden nach den Treffen im Kurs veröffentlicht.

  • Introduction, topics, and formalities
    The handout contains a more detailed description of the different project topics.
    (11.04.2018, updated: 03.07.2018, 11:57.)
    [ Handout | Slides ]
  • git and (other) Tools for Cooperation
    [ Handout | Slides ]
  • Program mid-project presentations 30.05.18
    (subject to change, updated: 17.05.2018, 21:43.)
    [ Handout ]
  • Program mid-/end-project presentations 02.08.18
    (subject to change, updated: 28.07.2018, 13:40.)
    [ Handout ]
  • Program end-project presentations 26.09.18
    (subject to change, updated: 27.09.2018, 11:48.)
    [ Handout ]



  • The following deliverables are expected:
    • Slides and possibly handout for the mid-project presentation
    • Slides and possibly handout for the end-project presentation
    • Written report
    • Artefact
  • All handling of deliverables is through Learnweb. Mail submissions will not be considered.
  • All deliverables have to be submitted as PDF documents or, for the artefact, in a suitable form discussed with the convener (e.g. a zip-file with source code and installation instructions).
    • The artefact is preferably do be delivered as a git-commit at an agreed upon repository
  • Do not upload files from word processors, presentation programs or diagram editors (such as doc, docx. odt, ppt, pptx, odp). Those will not be considered.

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